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For more than a decade, LSI has been proactively responding to the usability and accessibility needs of students with disabilities in two significant ways: (1) we rigorously adhere to the requirements of both the federal section 508 legislation and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0); and (2) we have incorporated into our product development process a regimen of continuously updated software-testing protocols that go well beyond those requirements.
In contrast to most companies that develop digital products, we view disability-related access and usability as a company-wide responsibility. The guidelines we follow have been established and are closely monitored by an in-house Accessibility Task Force made up of representatives of every department in our company.
These guidelines form the basis of the function-based testing we conduct on not only our own software but also on software developed by many of our publishing partners. And in both instances, we do not release any software until its integrity has been verified by the students whose usability and accessibility needs were have committed ourselves to meet.